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Diana Culver has loved clay ever since she saw it dug out of the ground as a child. She learned how to throw on the wheel at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She also learned how to hand build in France, inspired by the gargoyles and knot work on the stone cathedrals. Her studio is located in a small New Mexican village near Santa Fe, graced by views of Rowe Mesa and the Pecos River.

Her glazes are inspired by her visceral response to color. That is, in completing color gradation charts she has noticed that she experiences unexpected emotional responses, mostly various hues of joy. Thus the development of her glaze palette has been a labor of intent directed toward this response.

Her life is focused not only on her art but also in a spiritual practice that includes meditation and nature-based methods of healing. In addition to her yoga meditation style chakras and rainbow bowls she also creates items which focus on celebration of the wheel of the year or the seasonal sabbats. This work features goddess and god themes, Celtic and Saxon nature themes, and sabbats stamps. On the following pages you will find ceramic offering bowls, ritual chalices and goblets, sabbats steins and mugs, god and goddess goblets, and more!

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