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The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” and symbolizes an endless rotation of shakti or energy. Of the many chakras within the human body, seven have been identified as major, six of which are located along the spine and the seventh residing about a palm-width above the head. Early scroll paintings often depict the chakras as glowing vortices of energy without imagery. The color of each chakra is harmonious with its vibrational energy.

My "Rainbow Bowls" could be seen as a representation of this more primitive view. Usually the chakras are depicted as lotuses, with increasing levels of petals at each ascending chakra. These lotuses are often shown with the varying symbols for each chakra and also sometimes show Sanskrit letters inscribed on the petals, representing the sound vibrations and varying intensity of energy working in each chakra. My "Chakras Bowls" do not include the Sanskrit letters as an aesthetic choice.

Kundalini in Sanskrit means “coiled one’ and is often represented as a goddess or a snake. In yogic practice, it is seen as sleeping coiled at the base of the spine. As kundalini rises up from the root chakra and reaches each chakra, that lotus opens and lifts its flower. As soon as she leaves for a higher chakra the lotus closes its petals and hangs down, symbolizing the activation of the energies of the chakra and their assimilation to Kundalini. This awakening or ascension of Kundalini is said to result in deep serenity, enlightenment and bliss. Many systems of yoga focus on the awakening of Kundalini through meditation, pranayama breathing, the practice of asana and chanting of mantras. The rise of Kundalini has been descibed to be a feeling of electric current running along the spine. After I have chanted the seed sounds or mantras of the chakras I feel ecstatic, joyous, and energized!

How to Use the Chakra and Rainbow Bowls

There are many essential oils and gems that correlate with the chakras, some of which are listed in Understanding the Chakras below. Why not foods? How about a nice green salad eaten from the heart chakra bowl when you are needing to have lunch AND activate feelings of love and devotion? Fill the bowl with water, add a few drops of essential oil and warm in the microwave to infuse your environment with aroma. After meditation toss the energized water in your bath water with epsom salts (to diffuse the oils) and continue pampering as needed. They can hold a special gem to be cleansed in salt water. Or fill them with flower petals. Use them to feed a cranky pet who maybe needs a little chakra grounding. Be creative and follow your heart!

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Understanding the Chakras


Offering bowls:
4.5” diam. x 1.5” tall (12cm x 4cm). 8 ounces (.24 liter). $20.00 each for Chakra; $15.00 each for Rainbow

Large bowls:
6” diam. x 2.5”tall (15.5cm x6.5cm). 24 ounces (.71 liter). $30.00 each for Chakra; $25.00 each for Rainbow

Sets of 7 bowls take $10.00 off your total price!

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