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My ceramic chalices, otherwise known as ritual chalices, sabbats goblets, sacred cups, and the occasional grog grail are as generous as they are lovely. These are meant for ritual use, passing 'round the fire, and looking wonderful on your altar. They hold 16 ounces, a fair pint, or twice the capacity of the average wine glass. They are wheel thrown and lovingly assembled, both strong and light high fire porcelain. They are food, microwave and dishwasher safe, though hand washing is advised on this item. The stamps are a relief version of the embossed steins stamps. There are god and goddess stamps, sabbats stamps, and lotus stamps. I have chosen the glazes to reflect the energy of the themes, keeping in mind also the colors that may compliment your seasonal altar. Due to their complex assembly and decorative nature their heights and shapes may vary slightly from batch to batch. If you would like a matching set please make a special order. I also accept requests for personalized stamps.
Another collector's item!

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Chalices: $ 80.00 9.75"-10.25" tall x 4.5" diam. at rim (25-26cm x 11.5cm) 16 ounce (.47 liter)

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