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These ceramic votive holders and ceramic oil diffusers for aromatherapy are made of high fire porcelain and are finished with food safe metallic glazes. If need be they are microwave and dishwasher safe. The cutouts display lovely light patterns when the candles are lit, akin to the tin work lanterns of Mexico and my beloved New Mexico.The bottoms will not get hot to the touch and can be safely placed on any surface when in use. Folkloric in nature, these goddesses have attitude! That said I am giving each style of oil diffuser a sassy girrl name! (Facial expressions and hairdos will vary).

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Betty Diffuser includes a separate essential oil bowl $70.00
6” diam. x 6.5”tall without bowl, or 8"tall with bowl (15cm x16.5-20.5cm)

Diana Diffuser includes a separate essential oil bowl $80.00
6" diam. x 8.75 tall without bowl or 10" tall with bowl (15cm x 22.5-25.5cm)

small Fire in Yer Belly Votive $60.00
6" diam. x 8" tall (15cm x 20.5 cm)

large Fire in Yer Belly Votive $70.00
6" diam. x 9.5" tall (15cm x 24.5cm)

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